How dedicated parents help their kids gain 1 YEAR of reading growth in just 3 months...without scheduling hassles and power struggles.


What will you discover? 

  • KEEPS. The top three actions you should keep doing to get results.
  • STOPS. Three actions that hurt reading progress the most. 
  • TRIES. Three NEW actions to try doing to ACCELERATE growth. 

This roadmap has helped 3,000+ struggling students become successful readers.

FINALLY...a CLEAR PATH to help your child become a successful reader.


STEP 1: Create your Training Plan

How to develop a training plan that can be implemented in your current family schedule.

STEP 2: Learn from Your Coach

How to work effectively with a Reading Coach (could be you, a teacher, tutor, etc...).

STEP 3: Find Your Inspiration

How to find inspiration...What do you care about in the future that gives you a reason to become a stronger reader now?

STEP 4: Practice Like a Pro

How to practice reading like professional athletes, world class muscians, and other top performers. Perfect practice makes perfect!

STEP 5: Coach Your Reading Brain

How to coach yourself in reading...which is essential because only the person reading can "see" what's happening...if comprehension is happening or not.

STEP 6: Master Your Motivation

How to motivate yourself using intrinsic and extrinsic systems... learning how to control your drives, instead of the other way around.

STEP 7: Track Your Progress

How to see your growth so that you create the energy and inspiration to keep on working hard and moving towards your goal.

STEP 8: Advance Your Strategies

How to comprehend harder texts by using advanced strategies... expanding your reading success toolbox.

STEP 9: Compete with Yourself

How to become the BOSS of your reading by taking ownership of the entire process...learning that you are in charge of creating your success.

How the BOSS Reading Gym works...

We show your child how to develop the skills to read at or above grade level.


It's like having your own reading coach in the privacy of your own home.


Set up your practice times to fit your family's schedule, anytime, anywhere.


Families who follow the course as recommended will see students’ reading levels jump a full grade level in as little as 12 weeks.


We identify your child's strengths and challenge areas to create an effective training plan.


The online exercises are based on scientifically-sound methods that have also been proven effective in practice.


BOSSreaders, on average, costs 50% less than tutoring, and gets better results!

About BOSSreaders

Chris Simon and David Taavialma are teachers who love teaching kids to read. Beyond just decoding words on a page, BOSSreaders connects with families and motivates kids to own their reading.  

Chris and Davd launched BOSSreaders in 2010. They have since unleashed a movement to shake up the reading-intervention paradigm and have made their online reading program accessible to kids everywhere.  

BOSSreaders empowers, motivates and inspires children to be strong readers, making them more confident overall. 

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