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We screen reading skills that are not often tested in schools.

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So how does this work?

  • Schedule a 15-minute call with Coach T. (Head Reading Coach at BOSSreaders) to set up the online reading screening
  • Watch a 10-minute video lesson with your child that explains how the screening works
  • Your child takes the reading screening online (20 - 40 minutes)
  • Results analysis call with Coach T. to go over the screening and talk about the best actions to take right now
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BOSSreaders Results

We've helped over 3,000 students in the past 7 years

Meet Lauren. She was our very first BOSS reader. She was shy, and was NOT happy about having to do MORE reading class.

She had already been pulled out of her reading class, separated from her friends.

She didn't like feeling different and not as good as the other kids.

But she hadn't yet done any BOSS training!

SPOILER ALERT! Lauren was able to get her reading skills up to grade level in just 8 weeks. She was removed from reading intervention and never again was pulled out of class for reading.

In Lauren's own words: "I have gotten better at reading because I feel more confident and stronger. Every time I pick up a book I say I am the coach of my reading."

Now let's meet Tariq. He's a CURRENT BOSSreader, 7 years after helping Lauren.

He's in 9th grade, and he was reading 5 years below grade level when he joined BOSSreaders.

His Mom was worried because he was losing confidence in his classes, grades were slipping, and he was starting to not even want to go to school anymore.

But, with the support of his Mom and by following his persoanlized BOSSreaders training program, he has grown 4.5 grade levels in less than 100 hours of practice.

Now he's super close to reaching his goal of reading at grade level.

He's more confident in school, grades are back up, and his Mom isn't worried anymore:)

Here's what other parents, students, and teachers have to say about the BOSSreaders method.

"It's not drudgery to make her read anymore. She used to only read to fill in time on her reading log, but now she reads books instead of playing on the computer"

"We have a student in BOSSreaders who has been in intervention since he started school, but he is now reading grade-level text. He is so excited that he can actually read grade-level text now."

"When I leveled up I felt proud because I tried my best. I know I'm becoming a stronger reader because I understand my books in class better now."

"When I motivate myself, I try to get myself to understand the story. This helps me get used to the story so when they ask you the questions I can remember what the story said."

Ownership Gets Results

"When I was behind, before BOSSreaders, I didn't really understand any of the text I read. I used to feel jealous of other students who could understand. Now that I've done BOSSreaders I can finally read a book that can help me."

"I used to read fast, but not comprehend it. I would try to understand, but it wasn't working. But after practicing my reading with BOSSreaders, my reading scores increased and I can understand what I read now."

Talking about what they learned in BOSSreaders: "There is a thing called myelin in our brains, and if we correct our mistakes, we think quicker."

About BOSSreaders

Chris Simon and David Taavialma are teachers who love teaching kids to read. Beyond just decoding words on a page, BOSSreaders connects with families and motivates kids to own their reading.  

Chris and David launched BOSSreaders in 2010. They have since unleashed a movement to shake up the reading-intervention paradigm and have made their online reading program accessible to kids everywhere.  

BOSSreaders empowers, motivates, and inspires children to be strong readers, making them more confident overall. 

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