The "Hidden Reading Skill" Missed By Most Schools That Will Finally Help Your Child Become a Grade-Level Reader.

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Dear Dedicated Parent,

You want what’s best for your child.

You make sure they go to school, do their homework…it should be enough to give them what they need to succeed. 

Yet, even with all your hard work, your child is still struggling with reading.  

Maybe it’s only one grade level below, or maybe it’s more.  Maybe you’re just starting to see signs of struggle, or maybe you fight to “make” your child read every night. 

You’re not alone.  

1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning

how to read at grade level.[1]

AND...Students who don't read proficiently by the end of the 3rd grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of school.[2]

This problem affects not only your child in school, but at home with you too. 

I understand that all too well.  Two of my kids struggled with reading, so I know how that frustration feels.  

And if your child is in fourth grade and higher, here’s the statistic that will SHOCK YOU: 

Your school has a 74% chance of NOT helping your child EVER reach grade level.[3]

Why is that?

After about the fourth grade, instruction in school takes a big change in direction. Teachers switch their focus from learning to read to reading to learn.

In general, schools stop teaching students HOW to read, and expect them to be able to USE the skill of reading to learn the content in the class.

That's a BIG PROBLEM for students who haven't mastered reading yet.

Fortunately, there is a CLEAR PATH for students to avoid this statistic, and it has to do with developing perhaps the most essential skill for reading...and it’s one that most schools DON’T teach....EVER

So what's the solution?

Optimize Silent Reading Fluency

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You see, there are over 45 parts of the brain that all need to be connected in order for successful reading to happen. 

And the key to reading success is making this process as “automatized” as possible, meaning your child's brain has more capacity to THINK while reading.

Reading is THINKING guided by text. But in order to do that, the reading process needs to be automatic.

And that’s what silent reading fluency does. 

Think of silent reading fluency training like practice dribbling in soccer, or playing scales on the piano.

A great soccer player needs to be able to THINK strategically about what moves to make during a soccer match. But you can't do this if you also need to think about how to dribble the ball.

Same thing with reading. In order for your child to think strategically while reading, fluency needs to be automatic.

And when your child’s silent reading fluency is below grade level, the entire reading process is derailed.  

That makes sense. But HOW can my child train silent reading fluency?

You need RESEARCH-PROVEN exercises...

For most students, building silent reading fluency skills don't just happen.

Just like most athletes don't get stronger by accident.

It's all about figuring out the right exercises that will get you results in the least amount of time.

Students who practice in BOSSreaders earn an average reading proficiency growth of 2.5 grade levels in just 60 hours of practice.

...AND you need to practice the RIGHT way.

It's not JUST about having the right training equipment.

How you practice matters. As part of your Reading Gym membership, your child will have access to video instruction in HOW to practice powerfully.

Here's an example of a video lesson...

Does This REALLY Make a Difference?

YES! We've helped over 3,000 students in the past 8 years

Let's meet Lauren. She was our very first BOSS reader. She was shy, and was NOT happy about having to do MORE reading class.

She had already been pulled out of her reading class, separated from her friends.

She didn't like feeling different and not as good as the other kids.

But she hadn't yet done any BOSS training!

SPOILER ALERT! Lauren was able to get her reading skills up to grade level in just 8 weeks. She was removed from reading intervention and never again was pulled out of class for reading.

In Lauren's own words: "I have gotten better at reading because I feel more confident and stronger. Every time I pick up a book I say I am the coach of my reading."

Now let's meet Tariq. He's a CURRENT BOSSreader, 7 years after helping Lauren.

He's in 9th grade, and he was reading 5 years below grade level when he joined BOSSreaders.

His Mom was worried because he was losing confidence in his classes, grades were slipping, and he was starting to not even want to go to school anymore.

But, with the support of his Mom and by following his persoanlized BOSSreaders training program, he has grown 4.5 grade levels in less than 100 hours of practice.

Now he's super close to reaching his goal of reading at grade level.

He's more confident in school, grades are back up, and his Mom isn't worried anymore:)

Here's what other parents, students, and teachers have to say about the BOSSreaders method.

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